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iPhone Waveguide optics

A recent example is the “Mirra Mirra” An iPhone case with a slide out mirror and backing lights.

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Pouting with perfect lipstick 💋💄                                              The pre-meeting teeth check 😁✔️
Here is are some extracts as they appeared on Kickstarter 29- August 2016
The MirraMirra team are excited to be here with our very first project. As with many great ideas, this one started small, in one of our favourite cafes just outside of Melbourne, Australia. We noticed a woman trying (with little success!) to fix her make-up using the front camera on her phone.
Figuring that there must be an easier way to do this and after doing a lot of research, and talking to a lot of people we realised that this was a problem that many people faced, so we set about finding a solution. And from there Mirra Mirra was born. An iPhone case with a slide out mirror and backing lights.
Firstly, it had to be slim, we knew that no one wanted to carry around a bulky case so ours had to be sleek and convenient.


slim-iphone face light

The lighting was our biggest hurdle when developing MirraMirra. Still aiming for ultimate convenience, we knew that using a charger was not an option. The iPhone already has a great LED torch on it and we thought if we could somehow harness that light and reflect it out to illuminate the users face while using the mirror it would be perfect. How hard could that be, right? We tried to approach this in a few different ways but each resulted in too much loss of light, we brought in a lighting engineer. He did a few quick equations….

prismcalchand    prisms

                                              Easy right?

sideview of waveguide

After a number of lighting prototypes, we finally started to see the results we wanted! Essentially, we used the existing lighting function of the phone in addition to the system we developed to reflect light evenly through multiple prisms into a 2mm fibre optic cable, illuminating the outer edges of the mirror.
PATENT PENDING 2015904849/2016902937
For more technical information about my contribution to the “mirra mirra” project click on the above image.

mirra team

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