Competitions & Rewards

  • 1.3MV Tesla Coil
  • Antigrav Displays
  • Beleura House
  • Educational Antigravity Displays
  • Lighting Design & BCA Service
  • Manufacture of Specialist Test Equiptment
  • Specialist Electronic Design
  • Wireless Electricity Transmitters-Receivers
  • iPhone Waveguide optics
  • jquery slider
  • Tranquil Space MK1
1.3MV Tesla Coil1 Antigrav Displays2 Beleura House3 Educational Antigravity Displays4 Lighting Design & BCA Service5 Manufacture of Specialist Test Equiptment6 Specialist Electronic Design7 Wireless Electricity Transmitters-Receivers8 iPhone Waveguide optics9 Wireless Dot Matrix LED A-FRAME10 Tranquil Space MK111
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$1000.00 REWARD

Will Be Paid For Information Leading To The Arrest And Cessation Of Known Conspiracy Theory Arguments and Allegations To Do With The Mass Murderer Known As The

The Fund Provided By AurumSolis Technologies To Be Paid Upon The Recommendation And Approval Of John R. Iwaszko To Anyone Who Can Prove That 5G Or Any Other Radiation-Ionising or Non-Ionizing That Can Create A Virus, And Can Even Be In Any Part Of The Known Spectrum. Alternatively, As Recent Allegations And Conspiracies Point To The Killing Of Cells And Weakening Them Causing A Low Immunity You Can Provide Evidence For This Information As Well. Conditions apply.


Offer Ends With The First Winner- So BE quick to Enter Or The Demise Of J. Iwaszko and is open to anyone in the world but must be a repeatable and verifiable experiment, peer reviewed and accepted by the scientific establishment. Also, a virus under the definition of what a virus is, that is created from scratch, (via a known radiation of a certain wavelength), in any medium and not be say a bacterium, or any other biological material not defined as a “virus”.

As To The Weakening Or Killing Of Cells Once Again A Verifiable Experiment That Must Be In The 5G Electromagnetic Band And Of An Exposure Limit Set By ARPANSA, Or Any Other Regulatory Body In Any Part Of The Known World That Has Regulations And Have Set Standards And Limits For Exposure To Electromagnetic Waves For Public And Workers.

As a start to help you claim the reward, I have attached a reference of all known Medical Research of effects of Radiation on people and biological matter In Three PDF’s -A Total Of 2538 Citations From 1896 To 2020 please download from https://antigravity.net.au/down-loads/. Note that I would offer far more but I’m “putting my money where my mouth is” and a guaranteed amount that I can truly offer. To Claim The Reward -Please send the peer reviewed Documents to https://antigravity.net.au/ please click “Contact”-and in the “Subject” field “Covid 19” Entry Fee Is One US Dollar Charged So that Only Serious Contenders Apply, Please click my PayPal button to enter. I will not accept claims from any other Media source Or Platform. Hurry and put your requests in – only one prize Offer!

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