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                   METEORITES & TEKTITESAre you fascinated by Impactites, Meteorites, Tektites or even Volcanic Bombs as we are, then this may just be the page for you!

To introduce myself, I am John Iwaszko and have been interested in rocks, crystals, gemstones, particularly meteorites and Tektites since the early 1980's. I found my first Australite, on my very first tektite search in the mid 80's, when I was still a teenager- trust me it must have been beginners luck but felt like a spiritual experience that endeared me to these special rocks forever after.
Today mainly with my partner Jude Haigh and on occasions teams of other family members we together research localities and fully document prospecting finds with great scientific analysis and curiosity all in an effort to add to the wealth of knowledge for future generations.

Is the curious looking rock you found a meteorite, tektite or other?

We might be able to identify its probability from a photo you can send, free of any obligation. If it looks promising to us, no guarantee, you can then send it to us for closer examination and for a small fee of $25.00 we can then confirm a simple answer. You would be obligated to pay for delivery to us and back to yourself. We strongly suggest registered post.

For a fee of $70.00 we can also offer a fully documented report of what your rock actually is and if a meteorite where it most likely came from.

We can perform chemical analysis, density, magnetic induction, microscopic, open window, spectrophotometer, specific gravity, streak, and visual tests.

Our business is in Bundoora, Victoria, Australia, samples sent for testing don't need to be large, a quarter sized fragment is all that is needed. But please ensure that the sample is actually representative of the rock and reveals the interior composition (e.g. Do not send a rusty old flake that's fallen off the outside). Testing may take a few days to months depending upon the backlog of the facility and the type of tests performed, we can confirm the approximate date via e-mail. If we are in doubt, or believe your sample is of exceptional worth we will send to an expert geologist colleague for a second opinion at no additional cost.

Who knows the rock you found may be worth a fortune as some meteorites and tektites are worth more than their weight in gold and can literally be priceless scientifically.

   DSC06998            IMG_0020

One of my best tektite finds a perfect Flanged Australite Button 2015

Do you desire to own a unique piece of rock that came from the heavens? Have you dreamt of capturing a falling star or even a fiery rock that exploded from the bowls of the earth from a volcano unveiling the secrets of our planets build-up.

Well we can even sell a special rock to you, our speciality is tektites as well as meteorites that have been identified to have come from known planetary bodies such as Mercury ( still currently debated, most likely a piece during its early formation), the Moon, Mars and many known asteroids, based on current availability and prior sales.

Identification of meteorites to its parent planetary body is based on direct comparison to pieces of  planetary bodies spacecraft have already visited, namely the Moon, Mars and some asteroids as well as spectrophotometric analysis from earth or space bound telescopes that can match meteorite spectra here on earth.

This is where lighting test equipment and experience comes to good use and combines three of our scientific passions, astronomy, lighting science and meteorites!

Planetary bodywall chart










My first Australite, (Australian tektite) find in 1984 when I was 16


Daughter two's first and second Darwin Glass, Impactite find 2013


By Brother Adam's first Australite Tektite finds 2013 


Jude's first Australite flanged button find 2014

jasmin2015-09-23 21.04.55

Daughter one's first Australite find, a partial flanged fragment 2015

planetary meteorites








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