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Wouldn't it be fantastic to rid our homes and work places from all those messy electrical cables and battery charges that we see dangling everywhere, well the good news is that all electrical devices and gadgets, including transportation vehicles such as cars and planes, could be supplied with electrical energy delivered wirelessly through space. This is just one of many innovations that AurumSolis Technologies developed and actively promoted to potential investors from the late 1980's and onwards. 

From humble beginnings as a brother team, Adam James Iwaszko and John Roman Iwaszko, developed many seemingly impossible ideas into practical realities. Both shared a great interest in science from early primary school days, with virtually no cash flow, began building their own scientific equipment into a laboratory originally in their room mainly from scrap, junk, everyday household goods and used equipment. In 1980 when aged 14 and 12 respectively they read about the Great Nikola Tesla, who forever changed the course of their experimentation.


First Lab in Kew Melbourne Aust. circa 1977
Insect Collection Kew Lab 1979
Photography, special effects and film development 1979
Building Telescopes, Microscopes, astronomy, microscopy documentation and experimentation since 1977
Balsa wood rubber band aircraft from 1974, methanol glow plug control line Cherokee, hot Air and Hydrogen Balloons with internal light source  1978  
Chemistry Experiments since 1978, image shows the manufacture of Nitric Acid. 
Space Shuttle 1- 1980
Space Shuttle 2- 1981
T.U.R.t.l.E. Terrestrial Unimation & RemoTe /conTroLLed Electro-organism, circa 1982 using simple electronics /mechanics to create an autonomous robot with intelligence. 
Electronics/ Physics Apparatus and Equipment development, includes Radiometers-1981, Crookes Maltese cross Tube-1985, Crystal sets-1978, AM radio Transmitter-1981, Electroscopes Mechanical and electronic valve driven-1980, Automatic controls, Sun Powered Radio Amplifier-1982, Holographic 3D projector-1982, Miniature Relay induction coil -1983, Plasma Lamps-1983, Solar Radiant Transmutation experiment 1994.

John's Hand Powered/ automatic make break Induction Coil-1983 that utilises back E.M.F to power a mains 40W light globe.

John, Left, Adam Iwaszko, Right, Kew Lab 1983 in front of a home made High Frequency spray charged Van  de Graaff Generator. The Light sources include a Crooke's Radiometer and a Mercury Vapour, illuminated wirelessly from the HF (charge spray) field.
 John's 1983 Wimshurst Machine, the two discs are Polyvinyl Records.
Gemology-Crystals, meteorites and Tektite collecting including the manufactue of a giant 120mm copper sulphate crystal in 1980, artificial (poor quality) black diamonds in 1982, John's first Tektite find in 1984.
Microwave Oven Transformer / Capacitor Powered Tesla Coil  by Adam, Kew Lab in 1984.
Adam's Pancake Coil Tesla Coil at John's Doncaster Lab in 1992, made in 1991.
Adam's small helical Tesla Coil at John's Doncaster Lab in 1992, made in 1991. 
Plasma Experiments, top left - John's Plasma Acoustic Speaker 1990, Top Right - Adams "Caduceus twin serpent" plasma speaker 1991, Middle - Resonant Induction illuminated light sources, Doncaster Lab 1994 and  John's Valve Driven Tesla Coil demonstrating plasma acoustics in 1998.
Kew "SBR" (Scientific Biological Research) LAB 1980
                      Adam Iwaszko, "SBR" Kew Lab 1984
          Adam's "Aether Solis Enterprises" Lab Reservoir 2012
                      John's "AurumSolis" Lab- Bundoora 2008
The original focus was recreating many of Tesla’s experiments, anti-gravity experiments began later in 1982. Most people who build Tesla Coils, do so to generate spectacular effects, but the main aim of Tesla’s research was wireless power transmission. Inspired by Tesla’s original aim they were able to demonstrate wireless electrical transmission across a room to investors which was later also demonstrated at the Australian Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1991 by John, lighting mains powered globes.
The images you see is a recreation of this demonstration with a small fully self contained Tesla Coil of only 15 Watts output, which was originally designed and built by Adam to illuminate a 14V 1.4w lamp.

Further refinements to this design by John now achieve transmission across a 5 meter long room, lighting common GLS 240V mains voltage light globes of 7 and 15 Watts including the original 14.4V 1.4W lamp and a 14W Fluorescent lamp with great efficiency. 


John's kids demonstrating wireless power transmission in 2007, from the early 1990’s AurumSolis demonstrated electrical transmission distances in excess of 5 meters with only 15W, that illuminated mains power globes, in excess of 15W.

Intel's Wireless power broadcast 2008, of only 30cm distance! using near field Resonant inductive coupling.
These demonstrations show the poor efficacy of Hertzian waves in comparison to what Tesla called “non-Hertzian waves” by creating longitudinal waves in the "natural medium.” These waves also allow a modified AM CB radio to illuminate 240V incandescent lamps in much the same way, in actual fact can also use the same Tesla Coil Receiver tuned to a different aerial.


These waves easily power DC or AC motors, can charge batteries as well as powering the wireless levitating globe shown in John’s "Antigravity" Method 10b.  Method 15 C will show details of a wireless helicopter similar to Bill Brown's 1964 tethered helicopter experiment which used a rectenna. A rectenna is a rectifying antenna that is used to directly convert microwave energy into DC electricity. John will also demonstrate an ion levitating craft that receives the power of flight wirelessly through space.

Bill Brown and his tethered helicopter on its maiden flight in 1964, a payload of rectenna elements was used to convert microwave power directly to dc power. There was no fuel onboard this craft all the power was delivered wirelessly through space.

                                                                     ADAM's 1.3 MILLION VOLT TESLA MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTER



Ever since the dawn of powered flight, it has been necessary for all aircraft to carry onboard fuel-whether in the form of batteries, fuel, solar cells or even human power-in order to stay aloft,  progress in powering aircraft with a transmitter wirelessly through space with electromagnetic waves has been slow. Many recent innovations by John Iwaszko promise a bright future, some of his latest achievements are shown below.

World's 1st Induction powered Helicopter -1st of June 2007
World's 1st Solar Powered Helicopter-  21st of August 2010 
World's 1st Laser Powered Helicopter Flight -22nd of August 2010 






  World's 2nd successful Microwave powered Helicopter Flight - 21st December 2010


In a World first experiment on the 1st of December 2011, John R Iwaszko demonstrated a Free Flight of a Tesla Coil powered Flying Saucer.This achievement brought to life Tesla's vision and dream of wireless powered flight more than a century ago.


Lamps, Lighting and other achievements of AurumSolis Technologies

Another Tesla aim was to produce new light sources that had far greater efficacy than the carbon filament light sources of his day. Many practical ideas that Tesla demonstrated and patented took mankind over a hundred years to become commercial realities. Light sources such as today's compact fluorescent lamps as well as the slim T5's  that operate from high frequency currents, as well as the lesser known induction lamps such as the Philips QL and Osram’s Endura lamps. But the main lamp Tesla wanted to compete with commercially was his “carbon button lamp,” the closest commercial application of this idea to date is once again only a spectacular demonstration lamp known as the “plasma” or” Tesla globe”.

AurumSolis Technologies began experimentation with practical forms of the "carbon button", slim tube fluorescent, induction, microwave, many forms of plasma arc and resonant induction lamps, associated electronic control gear and even instant re-strike HID. These inventions were fully documented, demonstrated as well as offered to quite a few potential investors in the early 90's. Unfortunately for AurumSolis some of these inventions were independently developed by established commercial lighting companies leaving some of the best such as a practical "carbon button" and forms of plasma resonant arc lamps still open for the taking. Further refinements to Tesla's "carbon button" lamp became the "MCL". One of  the improvements included the development of a low pressure Halogen cycle that made this light source a practical long life lamp, all halogen cycle lamps were high pressure at the time. AurumSolis produced many successful demonstration models such as shown here; and hence the coining of the company name “AurumSolis". In the scientific tradition of systematic naming from the Latin, "Aurum", word for Gold and the Latin phrase "Solis" which is the Sun. 

The name " AurumSolis" as well as the logo were selected in the early 1990's to describe this particular invention, the "MCL", by using ancient symbols such as the snake eating its own tail, the Ouroboros representing cyclicality, with the peacock within, from the ancient alchemical tradition, a symbol representing the rapid cycling through iridescent colours. "MCL" is an acronym for Monopolar Cyclic Light source, where some of the light is emitted from a small sphere within an evacuated envelope, a true point source of light that mimics the sun in many ways including the continuous light spectrum it produces. Provisional Patent Applied for: PN3346, 5-6-95, and PO0194, 3-6-96. This ultra energy efficient light source achieves the highest efficacy as compared to any other practical light source on the market to date, even the L.E.D. This Light Source, the MCL, was also independently approved and highly recommended by a NATA registered lab in 1998. Although the MCL came extremely close to commercial manufacture a number of times the closest when investors wanted to buy ELMA (Electric Lamp Manufacturers of Australia) when it was closing down in 2002, but for some reason unknown, at a shareholders board meeting consisting of Crompton, Sylvania, Philips and GEC, the consensus was “the company is to be closed down and there is no possibly that it would be sold as an operating entity.” So still to this day the MCL invention remains dormant. For more information about the MCL click here.
To see early prototypes of MCL in action click on one of the images below.

Some of many other accomplishments of AurumSolis include nuclear fusion in a jar by John (image shown above-far right), plasma speakers, economical chemicals that harden with the application of minute currents. Not to mention the fun recreation of Tesla’s ball of leaping red flame “fire ball”, AurumSolis is not sure if the method devised by Adam is the way he did it!

Read the article from “Tesla Man out of Time" by Margaret Cheney, Dell Publishing 1981, pg 3-4, reprinted below:-

Fancy yourself seated in a large, well- lighted room, with mountains of curious-looking machinery on all sides. A tall, thin young man walks up to you, and by merely snapping his fingers creates instantaneously a ball of leaping red flame, and holds it calmly in his hands. As you gaze you are surprised to see it does not burn his fingers. He lets it fall upon his clothing, on his hair, into your lap, and, finally, puts the ball of flame into a wooden box. You are amazed to see that nowhere does the flame leave the slightest trace, and you rub your eyes to make sure you are not asleep.

This ball of flame is not the chemical flame produced by magicians but is some high frequency/high voltage AC effect Tesla discovered in the course of his experiments. It is probably the same phenomenon as ball lightning, and Tesla is the only man I've ever heard of who was able to reproduce this in the lab. I don't know if he, himself, was familiar with reports of naturally occurring ball lightning, and I suspect this effect was something he discovered by accident while experimenting toward other goals. The odd flame having been extinguished as miraculously as it appeared. Like the ball of flame, this source-less illumination is another high frequency/high voltage AC effect.


This and much more to come, so stay tuned, pardon the pun!